Get your own! Your own, ya heard?

Last week I was bored as hell, uninspired, and spending a lot of time scrolling through Instagram. I’ve been fortunate enough to have curated a really dope group of family, friends, and fellow writers who are unbelievably entertaining. Let me set the scene… Imagine me, on Instagram having an absolute blast. I have a perfectly… Continue reading Get your own! Your own, ya heard?


Abandon Book 2?

Slight recap: I plugged away tirelessly at my first book for years and finally released it to critical acclaim (well, my Mom liked it). I toured the world (posted one pic on the Gram). All while trying to balance my growing bank account (Citibank thought the $60 deposit from Amazon was 'suspicious activity'). So, to… Continue reading Abandon Book 2?


Ready for my debut!

I want to know how people do it. No seriously, I want the secret. There must be a supernatural way that people balance being a creative while working a full entire ass nine-to-five. Because let me tell you, I’m exhausted. Just pretty damn tired overall and feeling like I’m never quite on top of things.… Continue reading Ready for my debut!