How “Insecure” restored my confidence as a Black millennial

Now that it’s been a few weeks and I’ve had a chance to properly grieve and process the ending of this iconic show. I have some things to say. Insecure made me laugh, bawl, dance, eye roll and often left me speechless. But most of all ‘Insecure’ restored the confidence of this black 30 something… Continue reading How “Insecure” restored my confidence as a Black millennial

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I’m fat and I love my body…and I want to lose weight

As if the world wasn’t crappy enough with Covid-19 , Tronald Rump, and TikTok, Adele and Rebel Wilson aren’t fat anymore. Jesus take the wheel! I’ve seen it happening a lot lately. My fat sisters are just getting rid of the weight. They’re doing it, for reasons that are as unique as each of them are, but they are doing it. But one thing we can count on to be the same is that a conversation about body positivity vs fat shaming/diet culture to pop up. It got me to thinking about my own journey with my body and how I’ve dabbled on each side of the spectrum.


Get your own! Your own, ya heard?

Last week I was bored as hell, uninspired, and spending a lot of time scrolling through Instagram. I’ve been fortunate enough to have curated a really dope group of family, friends, and fellow writers who are unbelievably entertaining. Let me set the scene… Imagine me, on Instagram having an absolute blast. I have a perfectly… Continue reading Get your own! Your own, ya heard?


“Nasty” and others synonyms for dynamic women

I really wished we’d never have to talk about this. There are things in our society that are so vile, so upsetting, so sinister, that I longed to never have to discuss. But here we are, having to face up to reality. Ripping off that Brazilian wax strip and diving into the jagged lacefront of society. Yes. We’re going to talk about politics.


for Harriet…

Imagine me, writing. Conjuring the spirits of the ancestors to bring forth amazing stories of equal parts whimsy and intellect. Fingers pressing keys with the determination of stories begging to be told!!!! Ok…I’m lying…I wrote about 230 words of a short story and then got distracted by the internet. In that distraction I saw some… Continue reading for Harriet…