Writer’s Be Like: The Dangers of Research

Let me start by saying…I’m really disappointed in you guys. You let me fall off the face of the earth and no one even checked in to see if I was okay! How DARE you?

But I forgive quickly, so let’s move on. Yes, I’ve been gone from this platform for *gasp* two years. I thought about going back and revamping everything and making some grand new post (think Beyonce’s Coachella performance in literary form) that’s all like “Oh yeah, she’s back!”. But, no. Not going to do it. Not today anyway. Also, the virtual pyrotechnic patch I installed on the page isn’t working sooo…

The past two years have not been a waste though. Lot’s of progress made on the book front. It’s nearing completion and my God, I feel so good about it. But there are some worries. One that looms dark and huge is…my Google search history.

Now, while fiction consists of made-up characters and situations, it must have real information peppered in there so that it reads true. Trees must be green. Skies must be blue. Cocaine must be cut and weighed properly. This can involve interviews with subject matter experts OR for those of us who can’t get subject matter experts to return their emails — you are not that busy El Chapo– we use, Le Google.

In the past few months, I’ve searched for some sketchy shit. Criminal activity. Diseases. Criminal activity that causes diseases. And I can’t help but wonder– if I ever find myself on the business end of an interrogation at the local precinct, will I be able to reason myself out of this?


I’m locked in a cold dank room. No windows. Just a steel door with my freedom on the other side. Two broken yet passionate cops are eyeing me menacingly from the other side of an aluminum table. I’ve demanded that this starvation technique is stopped. I’ve been in here for thirty minutes. I demand a Big Mac. I pound my fists on the table.

“You guys don’t understand. I’m a writer.” My frustration is palpable. I hold back salty tears.

“Are you published anywhere?” Detective Diaz growls at me, barely controlling his anger.

“Well, I have two followers on Wattpad,” I lean back in my seat. I’m in control, “And my Mom thinks I’m brave.”

**End Scene**

I wonder if I can withdraw bail money from my 401K without incurring penalties?

Read my first novel, “Say When” on Wattpad today. It’s free and the book is damned good.  It’s Urban Young Adult Fiction. I felt like I had to get this one out of my spirit. Following this, I intend to focus on more Comedy, Rom-Com, and Suspense. Enjoy!

Read “Say When” on Wattpad

Here’s a summary:

Say When

Living an as yet banal existence, High School senior Bridget is excited by the prospect of starting a new life in college and leaving the cold walls of her Brooklyn, New York home behind. Her days are a cycle of school, studying, laundry, and caring for her ill mother who is struggling through her most recent battle with addiction.

For Bri, college is the only ticket out, and when the mysterious and arresting Jax enters the picture, it seems that love may be in the cards for her as well. But when her demanding father and ailing mother threaten her plans, she may be willing to follow Jax into an illicit world that pulls her farther than even she anticipated. When boundaries are pushed, Bri will have to determine how far she’ll go for her new life and her new love.

Weekly Updates every Sunday 9AM (Eastern Standard Time) 🔅

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