Food Writer = Writing While Eating Food

Today it was a cheddar cheese stick and vanilla wafers. Yesterday it was yogurt and granola (heavy on the granola). Other days, I’m shoving heinous amounts of popcorn into my mouth while blessing the world with my gift of storytelling.

I’m a Food Writer. It wasn’t until recently that I noticed just how much I snack now that I’m writing regularly. I’ve blacked out on my daughter’s Goldfish snacks more times than I’d like to admit. It’s not all bad. I got some amazing chapters out of it but I’d picked up a nasty habit. I find it difficult to get in the flow if I can’t simultaneously be elbow deep in a can of Pringles.

The downside of being a Food Writer? The fifteen pounds I’ve put on this year. My weight got pretty out of control after I had my daughter four years ago so last year I buckled down and really got into the zone. I lost seventy pounds (two whole ass four-year-olds) and felt great. This year…well…I unbutton my pants when I’m behind my desk for relief. Enough said. The panic is hella real.

Eat healthy snacks you say? Get the hell off my blog with your foolhardy attempts at advice! I need sugar coursing through these veins to keep the old plot wheels turning.

Jokes aside, this re-dedication to writing has led me to seriously slack off. Along with with kids, a full-time job, and family/friends who actually like to see my face every once in a while, I’m really blanking on how to fit in the needed physical activity and focus on healthy eating each day. I’m starting to think there’s just not of enough hours in the day. Maybe I’ll cut out the family and friends. Jokes back on!

I’ve never been a tiny girl but I do know that I was much healthier and happier fifteen pounds ago so I’d like to get back to that. It all comes back to my nemesis.

Time management.

It’s an unwanted but necessary evil if I  want to reach my goal. All of them. I’m not okay with substituting the pursuit of one goal with another, especially if my health is on the line. Success means getting up and putting in the work toward things that matter. I know, I know. And when the things that matter to you are on opposite sides of the spectrum, like writing and fitness, it takes an extra amount of finesse.

Besides, I have to take some professional author photos later this year and I’d very much like to not wear Spanx. I want to be free dammit!

So, I got down to planning. Here’s what I accomplished:

  • Trip to Michael’s – In order to get organized you need the right supplies
  • Spent two hours looking at wine bottle stickers and silk flowers
  • Finally got down to business. Bought a dry erase board, got those magnets, scooped that tape!
  • Stopped at Starbucks after Michael’s- I deserved it. I’m changing my life.
  • Got home and laid everything out on the table. I must have everything within my sight.
  • Opened laptop to write down the beautiful line I just thought of while staring at the magnets. “We’d been holding one another to this place. Our dynamic was magnetic. Desperately hoping that what kept us together, wouldn’t ultimately push apart.”**  Daaaamn, go prose! I see you!
  • Writes a new chapter. I mean, I’m already here.
  • Made popcorn. Ate popcorn.
  • Went to sleep.

Oh well, tomorrow’s another day! Are you a Food Writer? What’s your favorite go-to writing snack?

**This does not actually appear in my book. Even I’m not that cheesy.


5 thoughts on “Food Writer = Writing While Eating Food”

  1. I’m with you here, I’m a food writer. Either that or I want a cup of tea or coffee but one that doesn’t end. That’s difficult to achieve if you care about not being all crazy and jittery because decaf isn’t the same. And then you drink enough to just want to eat anyways. You’re right that eating healthy isn’t the same, I know because we’re in the same boat. I was just eating some of those Cheetos Simply (something like that) cheese puffs swearing that after this I’m going on a liquid diet or something close to it (HA!). But like you I’m feeling this extra weight in ways that SUCK.

    Leaving the house is often the best way to keep myself from snacking but how can you do that if you’re writing at the end of the day or just getting some writing in before you leave for the day or for whatever? There’s a fine balance no doubt. I think I need to try and substitute decaf/herbal tea for snacks and getting up to do squats or something instead of getting something to eat. But NOT until I’m at a good break in the writing.

    I hear you. I relate. My compassion is with you. We can do this!!! 😉

    1. I totally tried the tea thing and the crazy part is…it worked! But all it took was one night of indulging in snacks and I was back off the bandwagon. Ugh. It starts at the grocery store. I gotta put equal amount of veggies/fruits and junk in order to give myself a leg up lol. Thanks so much for commenting! *salutes* In solidarity!

      1. It worked! That’s fantastic, I have to give it a better try. But I can totally see snacks ending it all. Salty snacks are my problem, chips and stuff? Oh God don’t get me started I’ll finish them all!

        But then the trick at the store being you can’t get too many fruits and veggies because they’ll go bad. And THEN if I have snacks and fruit/veg I’ll go for the snacks and then the fruit/veg just won’t cut it! Although I do really enjoy fruit so they have a better chance… I’ll get there… gotta get back to the fruits. Oh you know a good one is carrots and hummus, broccoli too; you almost think you’re being bad. 😉

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