Writing Young Adult Fiction at Thirty-F**king-Two

John Green. Suzanne Collins. J.K.Rowling. Judy Blume. Athena Hernandez. What do all of us authors have in common? We’re all White, wealthy, and have NY Times Bestsellers. Haha. Just kidding. I’m Black. No, what we, and most Young Adult authors, really have in common is that we’re creepily old (I own a wrist guard so… Continue reading Writing Young Adult Fiction at Thirty-F**king-Two


Indie Authoring in A Big Pub World

Last week, after I finished up one of the final chapters for my book, I decided to dive back into some research on the topic of whether to pursue independent or traditional publishing. For a half hour I sifted through article after article that seemed determined to convince aspiring authors that success, income, and a… Continue reading Indie Authoring in A Big Pub World


If You Write It, Will They Come?: Sex Scenes

So, boom. I was sitting there writing, making progress with my book. I have my novel open in one tab, next to my tab, next to my plot outline tab, next to my target shopping cart full of things I'll never buy. Long story short-- it's flowing.  Natural habitat and such. My characters are… Continue reading If You Write It, Will They Come?: Sex Scenes


How to Write Your Book at Work

I have a job. A full time one. An in-a-seat-by-9AM one. But, I also have this nagging passion for writing fiction. Sometimes, I develop storylines and characters that I become so attached to that I have a hard time letting them go for an eight hour work day (ten, including commuting). Because of this, I… Continue reading How to Write Your Book at Work


Writer’s Be Like: The Dangers of Research

Let me start by saying...I'm really disappointed in you guys. You let me fall off the face of the earth and no one even checked in to see if I was okay! How DARE you? But I forgive quickly, so let's move on. Yes, I've been gone from this platform for *gasp* two years. I… Continue reading Writer’s Be Like: The Dangers of Research


Adult Friendships Are Tough

Have you ever encountered a celebrity, in real life, without their makeup, expensive couture digs, and entourage? Living in New York City this has happened to me a few times and it always progresses through the same stages: That person looks familiar. Did I go to school with them? No, not school. They’re from that… Continue reading Adult Friendships Are Tough


Punch that Clock. Die “Team No Sleep”. Die

Happy New Year folks! Most of us are headed back in to work after a beautiful, long, amazing break in pajamas for the Holidays. If you're like me, you probably gave yourself the returning to work pep talk last night. If you teared up a little bit, it's OK. I know I sure did! I… Continue reading Punch that Clock. Die “Team No Sleep”. Die


A Mom’s Ode to 2016

This year has been pretty eventful to say the least. This nation has experienced some undeniable ups and downs. But nothing we haven’t seen before. Maybe not in my lifetime or yours, but this nation as a whole, has experienced far worse. This year has been the best of times and the worst of times.… Continue reading A Mom’s Ode to 2016


Don’t ‘Mannequin Challenge’ This Election

My son, a 4th grader, came to me yesterday and asked if tomorrow was Election Day. I told him it was. “Are you going to vote?” He asked me. “I sure am. Voting for Hillary.” “Good, because if not we’ll have to move to Canada.” He shook his head and plopped down on the couch.… Continue reading Don’t ‘Mannequin Challenge’ This Election